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GWest Parts- Sunshine Coast BC - Truck Canopies, Caps, Tonneau Covers, Hitches, Accessories, Bedliners, Racks, Railings, Commercial Outfitting, Fender & Bumper Guards, Parts!

Sales, Service & Installation On All These Plus MORE!

Offering Truck Caps & Canopies, Racks/Railing Systems, Hitch/Towing Systems, Bedliners/Bed Sliders and all the trim, chrome, fender, bumper, grill guards you could ask for!

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From Bed Sliders to Bedliners

We Outfit Your Truck RIGHT!

Buy Your Accessories here and install yourself...

You name it and we can get it for you. Truck canopies, caps and tonneau covers or fender/bumper guards or truck railing or rack systems.

Let GWest install your accessories on your truck or car.

Experienced and knowledgeable service techs will have your canopy, cap, tonneau cover, bedliner or slider, rack or railing system or hitch installed on your car or truck in no time.

Need your truck setup for business?

GWest Parts can outfit your commercial vehicle with custom or stock railings, racks, boxes, covers, caps and much more. Let the experts get your vehicle fit for your business.

Ready To Get Your Vehicle Accessorized And Looking Awesome??


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