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Get Your Vehicle Tricked Out By GWest Parts

Give your car or truck a brand new look with accessories and parts from GWest! We have it all... right here at GWest Car & Truck Accessories.

What GWest Can Do For Your Vehicle

Commercial Outfitting

Take your work or business truck to the next level, improve the functionality and usability of it by installing a custom rack or railing system for hauling your materials safely or install workboxes/toolboxes to improve safety, security and added ease of use.

Truck Canopies/Caps

Give your truck added security, improve the look and airflow and add carrying capacity with a new canopy or cap. GWest offers some of the top canopies in the business... available with windows, access hatches, doors and more!

Racks & Railings

Boost your truck's hauling ability with a custom rack or railing system installed on your truck. We have cab-over, canopy over and custom systems to meet every need.

Tonneau Covers

A hard tonneau cover on your truck bed gives it a sleek, classy look as well as protection from the elements for whatever you are carrying. Not to mention increased fuel savings!

Hitches & Towing

Whether it be a utility trailer, recreation trailer, boat or work trailer, GWest can install, service hitch systems for most cars and trucks on the Sunshine Coast BC. Get your towing system set up the correct way at GWest.

Truck Bed Systems

Transform your truck bed into a durable, more usable and safer work and carrying area. GWest has several styles and types of bedliners and bed sliders to make your work easier, safer and less time consuming.